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Celltel Networks LimitedCelltel Networks LimitedCelltel Networks Limited

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    Celltel offers unlimited connectivity to all its customers in Ghana. No data restriction, enjoy Celltel network 24/7 with fast speed internet connectivity.
    you can subscribe to our internet service by placing order for our routers online or any of our smart devices. our team will contact you to make the necessary arrangements with you anywhere you are to get you connected.
    You can subscribe for our products for up to 5years and after the subscription period expires, you can renew it and continue enjoying our products. if you want to exchange it for a new one also these options are available.
    Celltel offers flexible monthly payment plan for all government workers who are on controller payroll and some private businesses.
    Celltel network can be accessed anywhere in Ghana no matter your location. And the network is super fast and always reliable with no downtime.
    Yes, all options are available. You can trade your smartphones and computers for our celltel smart devices which are fully connected with unlimited data