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Smart Device on Subscription


Smart Devices On Subscription

We offer various smart devices ranging from Apple devices and our own branded KQ devices (laptops, TVs, All-in-PCs and Tablets) with unlimited internet connectivity on subscription basis.

Customers can select devices bundled with or without internet connectivity. Celltel gives customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices for new ones. Celltel’s smart devices, which are on a monthly subscription basis, come with already installed apps for a great experience, with the smart TVs in particular, having over 2000 channels covering news, entertainment, sports and digital learning for students. 

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Mifi- Wifi

K-Connect FLEX

  • Flat & Curve TV
  • 4K Ultra HD available
  • 50", 55", 75", 65", 85"
  • Built-in PVR storage Recording
  • Unlimited Data
  • Watch thousands of shows and movies, Live TV Sports and News Content on 4K Ultra High Smart TV
  • Up to 10Mb/s for home and 30Mb/s for business
  • Up to 48Months, Pay on installment

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