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Celltel Networks LimitedCelltel Networks LimitedCelltel Networks Limited

Celltel Services

Internet Connectivity

Celltel Internet Connectivity Celltel Networks is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and Wireless Internet Internet Service Provider (WISP) with a hybrid network infrastructure operating on Fibre, Satellite and Wi-Fi zones. When you choose Celltel as your Internet Service Provider, our connectivity and network specialists provide you with hands-on technical support on your connectivity needs. […]
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Smart Device on Subscription

Services Smart Devices On Subscription We offer various smart devices ranging from Apple devices and our own branded KQ devices (laptops, TVs, All-in-PCs and Tablets) with unlimited internet connectivity on subscription basis. Customers can select devices bundled with or without internet connectivity. Celltel gives customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices for new […]
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Value Added Services

Services Value Added Services We provide other value-added services for users and institutions; like E-learning, and Video conferencing services. Our value added services span over wide industries like education, finance, security, government and more. We provide services such as E-learning, video conferencing and other related services using our platforms and devices. Make Enquiry We provide […]
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